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On Site Engravings

Our mobile units allow us to add names, dates and any other inscriptions to your existing monument or marker on-site. By completing the engraving in the cemetery, we can assure that the headstone is not disturbed or damaged.

We currently complete On-Site Engravings on a monthly basis starting in mid-May until approximately mid October. In some cases we are able to schedule for an engraving to be completed for the date of burial.

In Cemetery Maintenance

In-Cemetery Maintenance often requires access to heavy-duty equipment. Here at Bazinet Monuments, we have the capability to remove old gravestones and foundations that may be deteriorating, providing there is access to the grave site. Or, you may have an existing tombstones that requires levelling due to the ground shifting or settling. With the use of our equipment and skilled staff it is no longer an issue to properly level or remove an existing monument or grave cover in the cemetery.


The same integrity and care with which your headstone is created will be applied to its’ placement in the cemetery. Our monument installation trucks are equipped with the necessary equipment for our trained technicians to expertly install any monument. Your monument can be installed in any cemetery in Ontario.


Over time, some monuments may become difficult to read and need to be restored to their original beauty & legibility. Our experienced monument technicians use a combination of state-of-the art equipment and old-fashioned craftsmanship to restore monuments to their original beauty.​


Harsher stains or debris from hard water, moss or other organic growth require a level of expertise to remove in order not to damage the stone. Our mobile units are equipped with the proper cleaning agents and tools to bring your monument back to its original beauty without harming the finish.


We also pride ouselves in honouring our veterans. We have completed various projects for our local Veterans Associations in rememberance of those who sacrificed for us.

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